The house of magical thinking

Rävemåla Residency Programme

Life is a little bit different at our house - there's no wifi or running water and you'll need to light a fire if you're cold. Surrounding us though, you'll find stunning forests, lakes, rivers and beautiful rural scenescapes. What we offer on our residency is time and space in a pretty idyllic setting - free from modern day distractions - within which you can get to work on specific project or goal.

What we offer

At Rävemåla we offer our residents a unique opportunity, providing the accommodation, space, solitude and materials needed to fulfil a wide range of creative disciplines. Once you've told us your project aims, we'll provide as many of the materials and resources as we can to help you complete it. Residents are then invited to live in our beautiful house in relative solitude whilst they complete their project plans. This stay is for approximately one month during the spring/summer - depending on the final project. 

We encourage artists to adapt their practise to the conditions of the house, and use the surroundings as an art environment. 

The five bedroom house is approximately 140m2 sitting on 3700m2 of land. There is electricity throughout, fireplaces for heating and a working well. There's no WiFi or running water though, and we invite our residents to go back to basics with their artistic practices during their time with us. Bicycles enable local transportation but aside from that, residents are relatively alone in their surroundings and live independently of conventional means. We call it total freedom.


Leaving a trace

We're working to secure a sustainable future for our house and to ensure it grows year on year with everyone who steps through its doors. To help us achieve this, we ask all our participants to leave something behind or give something new to the house during their time with us. This could be something big or small; tangible or abstract. Just as long as our red house matures a with each resident.

About the area

Rävemåla is a small village located 40 km away from Kalmar in southern Sweden. The RRP house can be found on the outer fringes of the village, surrounded by farmland, pastoral simplicity and space. The immediate environment is one of rural solitude and stillness, perfect for those wishing to escape into the wild and work without distraction.



This unique location and situation of the house means that visitors leave very little in the way of a carbon footprint and the house offers guests an amazing opportunity for escapism, freedom and dedication to a project.


Who can apply

We welcome applications from all creative and craft disciplines including: writers, visual artists, chefs, craftspeople, musicians, architects. The rural location and the size of the house makes it suitable for groups and families as well as individuals. If applying as a solo artist, you will be paired up with other artists during your stay.